Walkers are intrigued at the sight of a large white tent appearing over the weekend in a remote part of Dartmoor along with various off-road vehicles.

Speculation is continuing on the reason for the marquee being set up at Ditsworthy next to a derelict granite house - however, the clue might be in its recent history as a filming location.

Road signs on the back way to Burrator saying HGV have also been linked to the activity, with mobile homes and security staff mentioned. One mountain biker said he was told by staff on the site that filming was taking place for the rest of the week and that the protective shutters had been take off Warren House and it was open.

Ditsworthy Warren House is a Grade II listed building near Sheepstor. It is an isolated building on the south-western edge of Dartmoor, and was built for the keeper of the rabbit warren near the house.

It was used in 2010 as a filming location for the Steven Spielberg film, War Horse and locals and keen walkers suggest filming is now taking place on various projects with one humorous suggestion being a Fast and Furious film or a Star Wars series film called 'Andor'.

George Ware is pictured outside Ditsworthy Warren House.

Other people have commented on social media saying similar activity took place recently for a day at Cadover Bridge and the china clay works

Hayley White, a regular walker in the area said: 'I walk there a lot and I wondered why the path to the house was sealed off with access stopped to anyone going the house.' Her photos of Dartmoor can be access on her instagram account the girl outdoors.