YOUNG people will soon have their own dedicated venue in the centre of a town.

Callington Youth Project Group recently took the keys to the former Lloyds Bank building on Fore Street.

Local organisations and businesses have donated the materials and equipment needed to transform the ground floor foyer into a space to socialise.

The centre is set to open after the Easter holidays.

“The lease is exciting news,” said Paul Carey of the Youth Project.

“Longer term we hope to establish a new building to provide a permanent youth facility, but for now we have the chance to offer town centre facilities for young people aged 13-21, to use and gain access to youth services.

“Initially we will offer a weekly mid-week drop in centre with things for young people to do, including things like music, games and table tennis.”

The centre will be run by youth workers from Connecting Youth CIC, but Paul says that the group is keen to recruit more volunteers, especially young adults in their 20s and 30s, to support the sessions.

Help with some diy and decorating over the coming weeks would also be most welcomed.

“We have received donations of most of the items we need to get going,” said Paul, “and we have a local contractor who is going to help us take out the old bank tellers screens this week. We might build a few stud work walls to split some spaces, but otherwise the ground floor is suitable to use.

“We’ve received a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner to cover the costs of running a weekly session for a year, and luckily the lease costs are very low.

“Our plan is to develop things for as long as we have the building, which will be up to two years.”

Reaction to the news has been extremely positive: one local person summed up the feelings of many with these words: “Well done Paul, you are an inspiration! You’ve worked so hard and achieved so much and this building will now be a great facility to continue your mission.”