Global rock superstars Muse, best known at Teignmouth’s finest musical export, were back on Devon soil last Saturday night.

Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park Stadium was the venue for the gig, part of band’s Will of the People world tour, and it proved to be a show featuring jaw-dropping special effects, awe-inspiring lighting and a sound that went straight through your soul.

Tindle News photo-journalist Steve Pope was one of a select few journalists invited to attend the gig – along with over 25,000 fans who’d made the pilgrimage to the Pilgrims’ home ground to worship at the musical altar of the Teignmouth trio.

MESSRS Bellamy, Howard  and Wolstenholme provided what can be best described as the full mind and body experience with an energetic two hour set that kept the audience more than happy – despite initial delays entering the arena.

For those who witnessed Muse’s Seaside Rendezvous gigs in their hometown back in 2009 (and that includes me) – this was of a totally different magnitude. 

Teignmouth’s Den could not have incorporated the stage set, let alone the audience. 

MDA270523D_SP014 Photo: Steve Pope
Teignmouth global rockers Muse brought their Will of The People world tour to Devon on Saturday May 27 with a sell-out performance at Plymouth Argyle's  Home Park football stadium.
Crowds at the Muse gig at Plymouth Argyles's Home Park Stadium ( Photo: Steve Pope/MDA)

This wasn’t so much a gig – more an epic audio-visual feast embracing high-tech kit, special effects and numerous cameras for the now mandatory big screens (a case of heard but not seen if you’re stuck at the back nowadays).

There were a myriad of lights, lasers and strobes and  confetti  showers,  well, actually confetti bombs. Big bombs.

Add to this a giant masked face eerily glaring out  at the crowd (not quite as menacing as Iron Maiden’s Eddie) from behind the constantly changing stage set, plus a giant hand too. 

And fire. Quite a bit of fire.  

Forty-foot high flames worth of fire. But that’s Muse for you

Will of the People, title track of the same-monikered album (their ninth) kicked off the proceedings. 

Wearing faceless silver masks the trio emerged (only ten minutes behind schedule – not bad) in front of a blazing logo to rapturous applause from an audience who knew they were in for a night of high energy  music.

In a two-hour set the boys kept everyone happy. And by everyone I mean everyone. Muse fans don’t stick to one age range and fans of all ages mingled in the mosh pit in a musical nirvana.

MDA270523D_SP045 Photo: Steve Pope
Teignmouth global rockers Muse brought their Will of The People world tour to Devon on Saturday May 27 with a sell-out performance at Plymouth Argyle's  Home Park football stadium.
Matt Bellamy on stage at Home Park (Steve Pope?MDA)

Tracks from the new album filtered alongside classics from their back catalogue and yes, they did play Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole – would they dare miss those off the playlist anyway?

Matt Bellamy proved an energetic frontman, working the stage and runway, appearing where you least expected him too. His vocals were spot on, as was his ability to turn up those guitar power chords – top notch axeman as he is.

Top bassist Chris Wolstenholme and  drum maestro Dominic Howard  proved to be the heavy artillery behind Bellamy’s front line skirmisher, pounding out the rhythms and venturing out onto the runway themselves – a sure-fire way to keep the crowd happy.

Kudos as well to support acts The Warning and Royal Blood. 

Appearing on the bill and knowing that the punters aren’t really there to see you is never easy – in fact The Warning may have wondered where everyone was thanks to delays to crowds entering the stadium. 

However, rock duo Royal Blood, comprising Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, proved a rousing opening act with vocalist Kerr admitting to the audience what an honour it was to support Muse – having queued up to see them in his younger years.

In short the entire spectacle was mesmerising, providing the crowd with an unforgettable experience and proving that the trio are still very much at the top of their game.

Still, maybe try and squeeze in a Teignmouth gig again lads? Just asking, like. For a friend.