Edinburgh Fringe star comedian Michelle Brasier, is coming to Exeter’s Northcott Theatre, on Friday May 31, during her first ever UK tour Reform.

Michelle Brasier is a long-term collaborator with the Australian comedy group Aunty Donna and featured in both Aunty Donna’s Big Ol House Of Fun on Netflix and new series, Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café’ on ABC. She also voices several characters in Koala Man a new adult animated comedy series, alongside Hugh Jackman, Sarah Snook and Jemaine Clement.

 Reform tells the true online story of Michelle becoming the emergency contact for a stranger who tried to scam her out of her money over Facebook Marketplace. It’s a cautionary tale with friendship, empathy, redemption, kindness and understanding of our wrongdoers.

During lockdown, Michelle went looking for a Pilates reformer online. What she found was Jacob, a young man out to con unsuspecting victims of their money. It’s not one whereby the witty comic takes down the swindler and gives him a telling off through the medium of jokes. Oh no.

When the exercise equipment didn’t show up, Michelle didn’t call the police, instead she gave her scammer the opportunity to open up. Curious as to how a person ends up a scammer, Michelle, a stand-out archetype of the ‘caring woman’ took an active interest in Jacob who was surprised at how much he really just needed someone to talk to. 

Backed with music, Michelle keeps the gripping narrative with dramatic twists and surprising details as the hour reaches its unexpected climax.