A NEW defibrillator has been installed at the Mary Tavy Inn courtesy of Mary Tavy Parish Council.

The hi-vis external cabinet that houses the defibrillator is located on the outside wall opposite the car park. This provides capacity for vehicles to be turned and engines left running whilst the defibrillator is collected in an emergency in order to preserve life-saving minutes.

The state-of-the-art defibrillator is suitable for use on young and old; it has a child switch that allows the device to deliver a lower shock level appropriate for a child, an important consideration with the defibrillator being located on an access road to Mary Tavy and Brentor Primary School.

Mary Tavy parish clerk Katherine Anness, said: ‘Mary Tavy Parish Council wish to thank the following for their financial contributions: West Devon and Mary Tavy Ward Councillor, Terry Pearce, who provided £300 from his locality budget towards the purchase cost and West Devon Borough Council who awarded £587 from their Community Project Grant Scheme.

‘We would also like to extend thanks to Sean and Kim Brice, proprietors of the Mary Tavy Inn, for kindly hosting the defibrillator for free for the benefit of the local community and MRP Electrical who fitted the external heated cabinet at no cost as a community service.’

Members of the parish council and other key players are pictured above at the site.