THE second round of the National Swimming League for Tavistock took place at Axminster and what an exciting competition it turned out to be.

Tavistock gained 18 first places, 15 second places, 17 personal best times and finished clear winners on 191 points, with joint second place being awarded to Torfaen and Wareham (156) then Brockworth (148) and Cwmbran (60).

Kirsty Best started the event off well for Tavistock with a first place in the ladies' open individual medley in a personal best time. The freestyle events brought a host of firsts for the club – Lizzie Fearnley (girls' 11/U), Kieran Rookes (boys' 11/U), Sam Campbell in a personal best time (boys' 13/U), Kathryn Stacey (both girls' 15/U and ladies' open), Sam Harmsworth (boys' 15/U) and Gareth Williams (men's open).

Further wins were achieved by Harry Thompson (boys 11/U backstroke), Kieran Rookes (boys 11/U breaststroke), Sam Campbell (boys' 13/U breaststroke), Kathryn Stacey (girls' 15/U butterfly) and Gareth Williams (men's open butterfly).

The boys' 11/U relay teams won both their freestyle and medley events (Matthew Adams, Harry Thompson, Jordan Channon, Kieran Rookes). The boys' 15/U medley (William Carter, Nathaniel Rookes, Matthew Edwards and Sam Harmsworth), men's open medley (Mark Hennessey, Michael Best, Gareth Williams, Jason Butler) and men's open freestyle (Jason Butler, Sam Harmsworth, Tom Waddington, Michael Best, Gareth Williams, Mark Hennessey) teams also swam excellently to gain further first places for the Club.

As a result of this event, Tavistock move up to seventh position in the table and will therefore swim in the top eight in the third division final at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-super-Mare on December 13.

Taking part (with number of personal best times in brackets) were Kirsty Best (2), Matthew Edwards (2), Charlotte Mellor (2), Katie Stephens (2), Kameron Brimble (1), Sam Campbell (1), William Carter (1), Lizzie Fearnley (1), Megan Groom (1), Nathaniel Rookes (1), Alexandra Stoecker (1), Harry Thompson (1), Ella Waddington (1), Matthew Adams, Michael Best, Holly Brimble, Jason Butler, Jordan Channon, Bel Germon, Holly Gibbs, Tom Green, Natalie Greep, Sam Harmsworth, Mark Hennessey, Cameron McGurk, Kieran Rookes, Catriona Smith, Kathryn Stacey, Elizabeth Teague and Gareth Williams.

If you are interested in joining Tavistock Swimming Club, please speak to Sheila Radgick on 01822 618272.