A CALLINGTON councillor has succeed in partially restoring free parking to a shoppers’ car park in Callington.

Andrew Long, Cornwall councillor for Callington & St Dominic, has been negotiating with Cornwall Council for six months.

Parking had previously been free for the first hour at Callington New South Road Car Park, however a charge was introduced by Cornwall Council in April last year.

Andrew believes parking charges are “killing the town”, leading to the closure of town centre businesses as shoppers stay away.

He said: “It’s terrible for the town, it has a massive negative impact. When shoppers can spend three hours at their local supermarket for free, they will choose that every time.”

In a new agreement brokered by Andrew between the previous and current operators of the store in the car park – the Co-op and B&M – and Cornwall Council – the first hour of parking will now be free once again.

Andrew said: “I am so pleased to be able to advise that after six months of negotiation I have managed to bring back free one hour parking for the New Road South Car Park starting on July 1. I would like to thank Cornwall Council and the Co-operative for being willing to enter into negotiations and would urge all people to start using the service and we can begin the fight back for our town.”

He said the move was “the first step of the process in revitalising the town centre”.

He added: “More needs to be done, people need a reason to come.”