My name is Simba and I am the school dog at Princetown Primary School on Dartmoor!

My days are always busy and quite long during the week! My mum wakes me up around 6am and I normally get to stretch my legs on the moors before getting to school about 7am. This is because I have the very important job of welcoming breakfast club children in and making sure they give me my morning fuss. 

Sometimes, the children that get in early play ball with me in the corridor or I get to play hide and seek with them! I am not very good at this as my waggy tail normally gives the game away!

As well as breakfast club I make sure I stay to help with the after school club too. By this point I am normally pretty tired after a day of playing outside, listening in lessons and occasionally stealing pencils but I always find time to comfort children when they need it most. 

School can be challenging and tiring for some children especially when they are in wrap around care but I always I ensure I do just the right thing. Sometimes, all they need is something warm and fluffy to cuddle and I am an expert at cuddling! I have found that when the children spend time with me it fixes almost any problem and I am proud to give that service to my children!