A SPECIAL service was held at Tavistock Parish Church to say farewell and thank you to the former director of music for which he composed the music.

The new parish priest the Rev Matt Godfrey led the service at St Eustachius, attended by clergy and choir members, to thank Scott Angell who left this summer to answer a ‘spiritual calling’ to train to become a priest, a long-held ambition of his.

Church warden Mary Whalley, said: ‘We held a special evensong with an augmented choir and played music which Scott composed. We then held a celebration in the church centre with a cake which was made with a mini-figure which was based on Scott.

‘The music was composed by Scott, called Tu es Petrus - or You are Peter which is about Jesus referring to Peter as the rock on which he built his church

‘Scott’s already missed even though he’s only been gone a few weeks. He was a central part of the team, but we all think he’s done the right thing. He will make an excellent priest.’

Scott led the choir, chose and composed the music to become a pivotal member of the church staff in creating fitting services and events. He was innovative in introducing new music and giving the choir the freedom to choose hymns.