CHILDREN wielded their charcoal and pastels for a half-term activity drawing scenes in the style of cave paintings.

The sessions at Tavistock Library reflected the history and art curriculum at St Peter’s Junior School. The school is being asked to contribute an art project based on their studies of prehistoric man to complement a Stone Age corner at the library.

The corner will include the work compiled by children during the week, including paper woolly mammoths and a ‘cave’made out of a cardboard box which will be adorned with their work. Lily, five, joined by her mother Jess, from Buckland Monachorum, created two paintings which featured herself in a scene with a river in a storm.

Jo Hodgkiss, St Peter’s School teacher, brought her children Lola, seven, and Penny, three: “It was very useful coming here because this supports Lola’s history lessons.”