A PROPOSAL to move Burrator into a new Parliamentary constituency linked to parts of Plymouth and the South Hams has received unanimous and vehement opposition from parish councillors under a 2023 review of parliamentary constituencies undertaken by the Boundary Commission for England.

Under this current review of constituency boundaries in England, the grouped parish of Burrator (formed through the Local Government Act 1972 from the older councils of Meavy, Sheepstor and Walkhampton) would be removed from its historic seat within Torridge and West Devon. Instead, it would become part of the new constituency of South West Devon which would include the A38 corridor to Ermington and the urban communities of Woolwell, Sherford, Plympton, Plymstock, Ivybridge and Yealmpton. This new territory would stretch from Burrator and Buckland Monachorum in the north all the way south to the coastline communities of Heybrook Bay, Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers. At their recent meeting Burrator parish councillors expressed the view that parish had little in common with most aspects of this suggested new territory, instead arguing that the area’s natural affinity, historic ties and way of life are inextricably linked to Dartmoor and the agricultural rural landscape to the north of the parish. The parish council agreed to formally register its opposition to the proposed change with the Boundary Commission.

The commission’s current review will conclude with its formal report and recommendations in June 2023.