The winning club, on points, from the day was the host Cotehele, followed by Yealm and Caradon.

One of the highlights of the day was when the Very Rev Dr Christopher Hardwick blessed CQGC’S new boat, Gallos, a Cornish word meaning ‘Strength’.

Chair Sheila Snellgrove said: ‘The Winter League has been a great opportunity to keep competitive rowing going through the dark nights and to challenge local clubs to race together.

‘Our new boat, Gallos, was blessed at Cotehele Quay Gig Club Winter Regatta by Mr Hardwick with all club members laying on hands and hoping and praying for future success in her. Gallos means strength in Cornish and was named by a consensus of club members.

‘It seemed really fitting and appropriate to take this name because the boat needs to be strong and the crew need to be strong, both physically and mentally, to achieve success.’

The boat was built by Patrick Bird — the Bird family has a deep history in boat-building going back many generations to the early 1700s in Devoran and around the River Fal. Patrick’s father, Ralph Bird, will always be remembered for his key role in the revival of Cornish pilot gig racing.