THESE two charming pedigree miniature Shetland ponies have a deserved rest amid training at Collytown Therapy Ponies near Bere Alston.

Winnie the Pooh and Collytown Piglet are becoming professional therapy ponies, helping children and adults who need extra support.

Chamaine Blamey, of Collyton Therapy Ponies and the Shetland Stud, where they were born two years ago, said: “Both have excellent temperaments and kind natures. They are incredibly friendly and inquisitive.

“They love people and enjoy receiving attention, all of which are vital qualities in a potential therapy pony. Like their namesakes, Winnie the Pooh is the more confident and loves food.

“Piglet is a little more cautious but given time, she has the most trusting nature which makes her so rewarding to work with.”

The pair are half sisters and owned by Little Margate Therapy Ponies & Friends.