An experienced board room leader from Bere Alston has marked the publication of her book which draws on her experiences by presenting a copy to Tavistock Library.

Brandie Deignan, a mother of twins, has worked in a number of different sectors. She is a chief executive in NHS Primary Care and has also worked in hospitality, retail, aviation and travel. She also holds non-executive roles with Basketball England and Sports Wales.

She said: “The more I attended conferences as an executive, the more lots of people were asking me about this 'skill'.

“Now the backdrop of black, female exec of course gives this a different layer. So, I just thought, its hard enough being a female leader, a 'first and a half' generation immigrant leader, but also being a mum of twins makes this relevant to many people. So I decided I would share my knowledge with others.”

The book,The Sector Agnostic Leadership Playbook: Pivoting in Heels, is about how she and anyone can work in different sectors without being a functional expert and that leadership cuts across all sectors.

Brandie said: “There is emphasis on my experience of being a female leader - having led in different sectors, of diverse leadership and leading across borders using my passion and life experience.

Brandie Deignan presents her signed book to Tavistock Library.
Brandie Deignan presents her signed book to Tavistock Library (Brandie Deignan)

“It also has elements of many sector leaders contributing openly and in the research phase. Even my kids’ headteacher contributed to my research on education, while a banking family friend who lives locally contributed to research.”

She added: “I have lived in Devon for 20 years. seven in Plymouth and the rest in Bere Alston. My adult life has been shaped here - so I guess, I was always going to contribute a book to my community. I do spend a lot of time in the Tavistock Library, I’m there most Saturday mornings. I read a book a month, I’m a slow reader. I borrow all my books from Tavistock Library and from a friend, who has an extensive library.  I buy a lot of books each year. But most of all, I am at home most in the village and in my local library.”

Brandie Deignan with her new book.
Brandie Deignan with her new book. (Brandie Deignan.)