SUPPORTERS of the 'Yes to Fairer Votes' will launch their campaign in Tavistock on Thursday, March 24 in the Kingdon House Community Hall, Pym Street, at 7.30pm.

Supporter David Stapleton, a former West Devon Borough councillor, said: 'May's referendum gives voters a direct say in the way we vote in general elections. If we want a fairer system, we must take this one opportunity and vote Yes for the alternative vote.

'We invite people in and around Tavistock to come along and find out more about the referendum and the alternative vote. Everyone is welcome.

'The outdated first-past-the-post system with two dominant parties no longer works for the UK. Politics is changing and we need to change to a fairer system in which every vote counts.'

The national referendum on the alternative voting system will be held on May 5.