Following the success of the first comedy night at the Guildhall in March, promoters A Press of Suspects (presents) returned to the Courtroom on Friday evening with another memorable night of laughs and fun.

Hosted by the energetic, musical and inimitable Willtordian Ballorian Edwardian, the night kicked off with Mark Dennett. Mark regaled the audience with his experiences of living in Cornwall, coping in marriage, especially during lockdowns, and with growing older. Next up was Pravanya Pillay, who entertained with her thoughts on bad dating experiences, the loss of Debenhams, cruises and her dream job. After the interval, Willtordian had audience members participate in a trial run of an interesting new game show: Owl, Squid, Car or Goose. Jasmine Morton stepped up next and had the audience in stitches over her time in an all-girls Catholic school, deciding which news sources are trustworthy, experiences using Tinder and tourist tours. Closing the show was much-loved David Arnold, sporting a Deliveroo uniform, who gave the audience comedic insights on growing up in the Welsh Valleys, vaping and smoking, family relationships and performing at different venues.

The next gig at the Guildhall is set for Friday, June 24. Doors will open at 7pm and the show will kick off at 8pm. This show will feature award-winning stand-up comedian, performer and writer Alex Kitson, semi-finalist of Funny Women Sandi Smith, Cornish legend Sarita Hunt and widely-toured performer Daniel FitzHenry. For all the details and how to book, visit: