‘I’m not religious’ was the response from a lady I recently invited to church. 

This is not surprising when the 2021 UK census states that over 22.2 million of the UK population identified as having no religious beliefs. 

Some blame religion for all the wars that are in the world. 

While we cannot deny religion has caused wars it is only responsible for seven per cent of all wars. 

I’m glad in one sense some are not religious because that is not what God wants. 

Many sincere people are religious but does God really want us to follow a set of manmade rules, rituals, or religious practices?

God who created this world wants a relationship with us. He wants us to be his children (John 1 v12). 

But as many as receive him to them gave him the right to become the children of God to those who believe in his name. 

But how can I, a mere human, have a relationship with God the creator of this universe you may ask? 

Well we can’t because we are sinful and he is holy.

At the beginning of creation God and man were in perfect harmony until Adam and Eve the first humans disobeyed God. 

We as their descendants have inherited that sinful nature which manifests itself in all of the evil we see in society today. 

We are guilty before God but he in his mercy sent a mediator, a Saviour Jesus 1 Timothy 2v5. 

Jesus willingly died for us taking all the punishment we deserve for our lying, theft, blasphemy, immorality, self-righteousness, pride etc.

 God wants to restore the broken relationship with us. 

If we are sincerely sorry, willing to turn from our sinful ways and come directly to God’s appointed mediator Jesus seeking forgiveness, we will receive it.

Nigel Wilson


South West Faith Mission