I BOUGHT this manuscript ‘Tavvystock Goozey Vair Song 1912’ at an auction about 30 years ago, after spotting it in a box of old musical ephemera. After many years of my wife telling me to clear out the music room, I took on the task a couple of weeks ago. How pleased I was to find this item —and how fully justified I was not to have cleared out piles of “stuff” many years ago. 

The tune is not very exciting and follows a traditional dump-di-dump-di-dump metre. I hadn’t heard of C. John Trythall before or indeed, since. JH Larway of 14 Wells Street, Oxford Street London published mainly domestic music especially for piano from about 1890 to 1938. Previously the premises were occupied by a printing company. 

I wonder if anyone knows about this piece of music. I would be very happy to supply a scanned copy of the manuscript, if someone wishes to follow it up, or maybe perform it in the town! (contact email address with Editor).

Duncan Hannant   

Drinkstone, Suffolk

(past pupil of Tavistock School)