For many years my family have gleefully teased me about my bald patch which has been with me for many decades. I tell them in reply that it is just a double crown which only a few lucky people have as an elegant characteristic.

Throughout time men’s relationship with how to wear their hair has gone through many changes. Modern footballers have gone for the very short shaved side of the head. It harks back to my school days when a short back and sides was the norm. That was until Tony Curtis bust onto the Hollywood scene and the D. A. – more politely termed the ducktail – became the fashion. As flower power took hold in the 1960s we were all letting our hair grow. My father could never appreciate this trend an even when I was in my 30s reminded me that I needed a haircut.

We have now entered a new era where beards are almost essential if you are to be seen as a smart man about town. Young men are spouting beards with a range of success. On my walk across Spain on the Camino de Santiago I took the decision not to shave for the six weeks I was away from home. The result was a very scruffy white beard that I was required to shave off the moment I arrived home. I have not attempted to grow another one. Beards suit some yet look unsightly on others.

We have yet to return to the days of long hair but the cycle will undoubtedly turn in the future. What is apparent is the number of young men who have gone bald at an early age.  Prince William and Prince Harry are both examples of young men losing their hair at a relatively young age.

Bald men and beards is also quite a common sight. Given the increase in global temperatures one wonders just how comfortable facial hair is in the heat. Men are now taking much more interest in how they groom themselves. This can only be a good thing. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder. Moustaches are now common. My wife has always given me strict instructions not to grow one as kissing someone with a moustache is not in her view a pleasant experience.

Women have introduced colour into their hairstyles. They have met with limited success. New products make changing hair colour much easier than previously. Men have been slow to follow this trend. Men have copied women with the ponytail which is not a fashion I could aspire to as it would take me a million years to grow enough hair to make it possible.

Man’s relationship with hair is ever-changing. We can only hope the handlebar moustache does not make a return.

For most of us it is the case of hair today gone tomorrow. The slight advantage of less hair is the fact that it requires very little attention in the morning. Anything for a lazy life.