Langstone Manor pods
Langstone Manor pods (Langstone Manor)

Langstone Manor’s amazing megapod accommodation

Langstone Manor Park sits on the fringes of Dartmoor with amazing views over the moor and surrounding countryside.

Awarded gold in the David Bellamy pledge for nature scheme, the park has been offering holidays for generations of families. The park has a great variety of accommodation, including cottages, an upstairs manor house apartment, static holiday homes, pitches for tents, tourers and motorhomes, camping pods and new mega pods with their own patio and barbecue.

The manor house has a restaurant and bar which serves evening meals. For visitors to the area, it is set in a perfect, peaceful location with a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Pet-friendly accommodation is also available.

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In a world longing for adventure and relief, holidays and travel continue to captivate hearts and souls, offering a retreat from the mundane. The magic lies in exploring distant lands, immersing ones selves in different cultures, and forging meaningful connections.

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CPC Holidays
CPC Holidays (CPC Holidays)

 Add a sprinkle of CPC magic to your holidays

One of the greatest joys is connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Whether sharing stories with locals at a bustling market or exchanging laughter with fellow travellers, these encounters remind us of our shared humanity.

Moreover, holidays and travel allow us to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Stepping outside our comfort zones, we develop resilience, adaptability, and a greater appreciation for the world's cultures.

At the core of it all is creating lasting memories. Moments beneath starry skies, sharing stories around a fire, or witnessing stunning sunsets become cherished recollections that offer solace and inspiration.

While the travel industry faced challenges, there is renewed hope among travellers, craving the freedom to explore. As we plan our future journeys, let us celebrate the invaluable role that holidays, and travel play in our lives.

So, dear adventurers, let us embrace the joy of holidays and travel. Together, we can navigate uncertainty, forge connections that transcend borders, and reclaim the magic of exploration.

May the joy of holidays and travel guide you to new horizons.

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