Parnalls offer Legal expertise throughout your lifetime

SOLICITORS specialising in Personal Injury, Property and Probate plus Social Media Law:

Parnalls is proud to serve as solicitors in Cornwall and Devon since the 1700s.

We are committed to helping our clients deal with the different legal aspects of life and we provide them with practical and sensible advice, whether advising on personal, private or business matters.

From drafting wills and probate advice, to help with resolving a dispute, to buying and selling a property or business, to a divorce, to employment issues, to dealing with problematic social media posts, Parnalls is here to help.

Our forte is to combine sound, old fashioned values with the latest in legal thinking and technology to offer a premium local service and experience, at competitive rates.

We believe in creating strong client relationships.

At Parnalls we have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and local area and we maintain a size that enables us to respond quickly and appropriately when our clients need us most.

This means we can provide appropriate expertise to our clients through all stages of their lives.

We aim to offer the best legal services, advice and support, whenever the need arises.

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Wings Chartered Accountants
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Wings Chartered Accountants. (Wings)

‘There’s life in the old girl yet’

Business may be tough at the moment and it can be hard when businesses around us, both big and small, start to slip away, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Tavistock is fortunate to have a thriving BID and Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses and you only need to observe the community coming together for events like Dickensian Evening to see what a variety of local businesses we have, be it on our local High Street, or in the surrounding villages.

Being successful in business is about adapting to changes in technology, buying habits and economic climate, changing services or products. Just little changes now can have much greater effects down the line so looking at the bigger picture now can have such a positive effect on your business and the living that this gives you.

Your accountant is best placed, knowing you and your business well, to offer you support through the ups and downs of business life.

If your business is in need of support and you can’t speak to your accountant, there are other sources of help available.

If you are a BID levy payer, you can contact the BID directly.

If not, are you a member of a regulatory body, federation or membership group? Many industry specific groups have a wealth of information and support for members.

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