Three bags containing commercial waste have recently been fly-tipped in a lay-by at Weir Quay.

The waste was found by a resident walking his dog last Thursday (February 16), who posted photographs of it on a social media community group for the Bere Peninsula. He included a reprimand for the perpetrator, also stating that this was not the first time the area had been targeted.

The bags contained damaged tiling, building waste and broken bricks. The incident was reported to West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) who assigned it the following number: RP/429736 and have asked anyone with information to report this also.

In response to the social media post, a few other residents suggested that such incidents of fly tipping in both the local and wider West Devon area would be less likely to occur if the borough council did not charge for use of its waste services at the tip.

Cllr Lucy Wood, WDBC lead member for natural environment, said: ‘Fly tipping is a blight on our beautiful landscape and an unnecessary expense to West Devon taxpayers by criminals.

‘We will visit all fly tips on public land and investigate and take action if evidence or links are found to the offender. We are unable to comment on individual cases.

‘Remember, if you transfer waste to an unauthorised waste carrier and it is fly tipped, you may be liable to prosecution.

‘Everyone in the borough can help by choosing reputable waste collection services registered with the Environment Agency, by taking their own waste to recycling centres and by reporting any fly tips they find on our website by visiting’

The council further advises people not to remove evidence if they discover a fly tip, as this could affect the outcome of a future prosecution.