CORNWALL?S excellent Kneehigh Theatre are on tour for Villages in Action, with their latest family show ?Wagstaffe the Wind Up Boy?. They will be appearing at Lydford Nicholls Hall on Wednesday, April 6 at 7.30pm. Once again Kneehigh have created a wacky, inventive show with lots of clever devices to keep everyone amused. Wagstaffe is a naughty boy. He is bad. So bad his parents can?t cope and run away to join the circus, leaving Wagstaffe to fend for himself. He slobs about until he meets an articulated lorry and life is never the same again, for Wagstaffe or his parents. This is a show in which children will love the naughtiness and adults will enjoy the denouement! Using lively music, energetic moves and some very strange and surprising costumes, Kneehigh Theatre deliver a show which is fast-paced, funny and loud and which raises lots of questions in unexpected ways. ?Wagstaffe? has been on tour across the UK to sell-out audiences, so book early for this date. Tickets are available from Moorside Garage 01822 820263. This event has been organised by Villages in Action. If anyone would like to arrange a similar event they should contact Roger Werner at Villages in Action, Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Commercial Road, Crediton, Devon, EX17 1ER. Telephone 01363 773660. E-mail [email protected]">[email protected]