MEMBERS of Bere Alston Trekkers (BATs) took part in the Plymouth Aquathon held at the Mount Batten Centre earlier in the month. The event consisted of a 500-metre swim which started at the ?northern end? slipway in a clockwise route, with the turns identified by two large buoys. The first outward leg measured approximately 100 metres. The outside stretch was approximately 300 metres with the return leg to the ?southern end? slipway another 100 metres. BATs finished the swim onto the slipway, and then into the transition area where they fought their way into socks and trainers for the second leg of the competition, the three-mile run. From the transition area, runners were directed up over a few steps and out to the main road heading towards Turnchapel. From here it was down the steep hill towards Barton Road. The remainder of the course was through fields, over grass, back onto the road, through gaps in hedges and around paths until the slipway from where the swim started and up to the finish. It was a hot day and as the first aquathon the BATs had taken part in they did well and won trophies for their relevant age group. Pictured right are Rebecca Harwood (3rd Open Age Group 20-40) 00:46:34 (swim 00:17:23, run 00:29:37) and Patsy Boon (2nd Female Vet 40-50) 00:47:00 (swim 00:17:23, run 00:33:23).