THE company behind the Den Brook Wind Farm development between North Tawton and Bow has released a timetable for expected delivery of the turbine parts to the site.

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) has announced the turbine blades are due to be delivered today (July 7) and tomorrow, and from July 11 to 15. 24 more blades are due to be delivered to the site during this period.

The base towers and nacelles — the cover that houses all of the generating components — will be delivered from July 19 to 22 and from July 25 to July 29. The mid and top sections of the turbines will be delivered from August 1 to 5 and August 8 to 11. These deliveries will see 45 parts delivered to the site.

The final part of the journey to site will see them leave the A30 to join the A382 at Whiddon Down. The convoy will join the A3124, using the new link road at Whiddon Down, and then at De Bathe Cross turn right on to the A3072 which is followed to the site entrance. As the deliveries require large vehicles, each convoy will have a dedicated escort to ensure safety for all road users.

There will likely be one convoy with a police escort each day, typically leaving the A30 between 5am and 6.30am. Peak hours and the working day have been avoided where possible in an effort to minimise the impact on local journeys. Residents are asked to help the transit of deliveries by keeping the public highway clear of parked cars during this period if possible.