TAVISTOCK Round Table will be holding its first Viking Kubb event on June 12 in the Meadows, Tavistock.

The event will see teams from local schools and charities joining in for a day of fun and vying for a part of the £2,400 prize fund and the Tavistock Viking Kubb title.

Throughout the day there will be 14 matches with winners each receiving a £500 donation from Tavistock Round Table and an additional £100 donated to each runner up team.

Chairman of Tavistock Round Table, Neal Taynton-Young said: ‘A Kubb dates back to the Viking age and is simple, great fun and very addictive. The aim of the game is to knock over wooden blocks, known as ‘kubbs’, by throwing wooden batons at them. There’s a bit more to it, but it’s best described as a cross between bowls and horseshoes.

 ‘This is a great event and something that the Round Table is very happy to be bringing to the town and will be a great day out for the family and a superb opportunity for us to give something back to the community.’ 

There will be food, drink and entertainment throughout the day and the Hildsvin Viking re-enactment group (as seen on BBC’s Time Team) will be joining in the fun which all starts at 10am.