The magic of the Wizard of Oz is being staged by Tavistock College for this year's summer show.

Following the Yellow Brick Road are years seven. eight and nine who are throwing themselves into character for tomorrow and Thursday's shows.

Director Jess Madeley, performance director, and drama teacher, said: 'This is a wonderful production for the younger years especially. There are lots of characters for the students to get their teeth into. The students are working really hard on getting it right on the nights.

Wizard of Oz at Tavistock College this week
Wizard of Oz at Tavistock College this week with Dorothy, the witches and Toto the dog. Aimee Scutt as Dorothy, Holly Wilson as the Wicked Witch and Daisee Bromley as the Good Witch. (Tindle)

''This the first chance they've had to be in a full-scale production after covid when social distancing stopped stage shows on a proper scale.'