STUDENTS from Shebbear College will have their vocals appear on the latest studio album of singer-songwriter Rosa Rebecka.

The new album 'Songs for Mrs Beautiful' features vocals from two Shebbear College students, and was launched at a concert at Exeter's Phoenix Theatre on September 23.

The performance included a group of students from the college and other schools, as well as a backing band drawn from the cream of the South West's folk music scene.

The album features songs of love and loss drawn from her own family history alongside traditional Swedish folktales.

The album's title track, 'Mrs. Beautiful's Guitar' tells the tale of Rebecka's guitar-playing great-grandmother Katrina, whose surname, Fhager, is an old-fashioned Swedish word for beautiful.

Her guitar was passed down from mother to daughter, and the voices of four generations of Katrina's descendents contribute to this remarkable and moving piece of music.