TWO new schemes have been put forward to improve road safety in Calstock.

The schemes have been put forward by delegates from the Caradon Network Panel to the Caradon Community Network using the remaining budget.

The roads that have been put forward for the new safety measures are the top of Sand Lane and the Calstock Quayside which were the preferred schemes residents voted for on the Calstock Community Forum.

Calstock ward members say: ‘Cars often come quickly down the hill and vehicles often park at the top of Sand Lane forcing drivers to pull out without being able to see what is coming downhill.

‘Rock Park Villas Road joins Sand Lane on this bend. Cars have to turn on to Sand Lane without being able to see what is coming down the hill.

‘Also, where Higher Kelly joins Sand Lane cars often park above the turning, obscuring the visibility of cars coming down the hill.’

The proposed measure to improve the safety of this section of Sand Lane is to install parking restrictions (double yellow lines) at the top of Sand Lane and higher side of Higher Kelly Junction.

The second road safety measure scheme that has been put forward in the parish is on the Quayside where Calstock ward members said that ‘very often cars are parked opposite the Tamar Inn which narrows the road making it difficult to negotiate for buses, lorries and other large vehicles’.

They added: ‘There is also nowhere for delivery lorries to park or for bicycles.’

The scheme to improve road safety suggest installing double yellow lines around the new one-way system to eliminate parking and direct vehicles to park in the free parish car park and also to install a new loading bay to assist deliveries. These new schemes follow another safety measure that the parish council confirms has already been approved which is to install yellow lines by Rowse Gardens.