A PLAQUE at North Tawton Primary School’s under-cover swimming pool in memory of one of the school’s biggest supporters has been unveiled.

The school has been lucky enough to enjoy the pool for over 20 years.

Jan Down was a chairman of Friends of North Tawton School (FONTS) for four years and rescued the pool after a period of neglect, at a point where its future was in doubt due to financial considerations.

She spent many hours, bare-footed, scrubbing a green and slimy pool liner until it was gleaming and ready for use again. She also dedicated many further hours raising funds to ensure it was financially viable.

Since then, the pool has seen a new lease of life. With the help of much fundraising from FONTS the liner, pump, heater and flooring have all been replaced.

At the June Jamboree on Saturday, June 24, her husband Norman Down unveiled a plaque in memory of Jan and her hard work.

Nick D’Agorne, headteacher at the school, said: ‘All of the children love using the pool and it’s such a vital life skill that all the youngsters should have the opportunity to enjoy.’