NEWLY elected MP for South East Cornwall Sheryll Murray vowed this week to earn the trust of everyone in her constituency, whatever their politics, after taking the seat from the Liberal Democrats in a conclusive victory in last Thursday's general election.

Mrs Murray's win contributed to a change in the political picture of Cornwall, which has been dominated by the Lib Dems for the past five years. The two parties now have three seats each.

Held by the Lib Dems for 13 years, the South East Cornwall seat had been considered relatively safe for the party, but new candidate Karen Gillard was forced into second place. Mrs Murray was elected with a majority of 3,220 —overturning retired MP Colin Breed's 2005 Lib Dem majority of almost 5,500.

South East Cornwall was the first declared seat in the county and Mrs Murray said she believed she won because she was 'an ordinary person'.

She said: 'I'm in it because I care about the area I live, and I think a lot of new MPs are like that. We're not career politicians, we're in it to represent the people.'

Mrs Murray, a former health practice receptionist who still lives in the village of Millbrook where she was born, said: 'I promise that I will represent everyone in this constituency and those of you who haven't voted for me this time I will earn your trust.

'These are very politically uncertain times.  As I write, David Cameron has set out a big, open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats to work together in the national interest and it is now decision time.  This is not the time for party political bickering; our nations problems are too big, too serious and must be addressed.'

The new MP said she had many objectives she wanted to focus on to improve the lives of the people of South East Cornwall, such as affordable housing, health provision, education and jobs. 

'I am also available to deal with individual problems and as promised will shortly be arranging surgery times in the six main towns,' she said.  To book an appointment ring 01726 891541.

The 2010 election results for South East Cornwall were: Sheryll Murray, Conservative 22,390 votes, Karen Gillard, Liberal Democrat, 19,170, Michael Sparling, Labour, 3,507, Stephanie McWilliam, UK Independence Party, 3.083, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Green Party, 826, Roger Holmes, Mebyon Kernow, 641.