A FIRM of hauliers has helped its local school at Northlew by raising funds to supply it with up-to-date technology.

Bryan Haulage often donates money to national charities but this time chose a worthy cause closer to home.

Finance director of the firm Greg Morgan said the 45-pupil Northlew Primary School was doing so well despite limited resources but this money had given it a boost.

'We raised £500 and asked for a wish list from the school,' said Mr Morgan.

'Often very deserving causes get overlooked and as a company we unanimously agreed it would be nice to help the local school.'

A digital camera and printer will soon be on its way to the school and one of their first projects will be capturing activities down at the depot, which employs in the region of 100 people.

The children are being invited to Bryan Haulage to have a look around the site, see demonstrations of work practices and be shown a multi media presentation of how food is produced through to how it ends up on the plate.

'It will give the children a chance to try out the equipment and learn about the firm which is the biggest in the locality by a long way,' added Mr Morgan.

'People see the lorries going up and down but we wanted to give the children a little bit of an insight into what we do here.'

Mr Morgan said he hoped it would be the beginnings of a strong link between the school and Bryan Haulage.

Northlew Primary School headteacher Nicola Lampe said the donation was 'very kind and very welcomed.'

'Computer and associated equipment is very expensive and we would have had to find the money for a digital camera and printer from the school budget,' she said.

'Thanks to Bryan Haulage we will have it sooner than we planned.'