DEVON and Cornwall Police are among the worst UK police forces for response times a study reveals.

The study, conducted by Radaris, reveals the UK police forces answering phone calls the quickest and slowest, and Devon and Cornwall Police were among the worst.

Research conducted by the search engine analyses the mot recent data from the month of November 2023 to determine how long forces take to answer emergency calls.

Devon and Cornwall Police came in 39th out of the 45 constabularies included in the study - out of a total of 22,729 calls, 80.10% were answered in less than ten seconds.

One of the force's closest neighbours, Dorset Police, were the slowest for answering 999 calls, with 75.10% of a total of 9,880 calls being answered in less than ten seconds.

Greater Manchester Police had the quickest 999 response rate, with 41,786 out of 44,491 calls answered under ten seconds.