A FARM charity in Iddesleigh offering holidays for city children is appealing to its neighbours for donations of apples for the children to press into juice.

Nethercott House, where Farms for City Children is based, has not been blessed with a fruitful harvest this year — so is asking for help from others in the area with more bountiful harvests.

‘If you’re fortunate enough to have a happy and healthy apple-filled orchard, Farms for City Children are asking if you have any apples to donate to ensure the children can carry on juicing throughout the season,’ said Margi Jervoise, from the charity.

’They often take the rewards of their juicing home with them to share with friends and family, which is an important part of the experience — this is just one aspect of the week that helps the children to bond with their peers and to boost their self-esteem.’

Donations of apples can be shared by contacting the farm manager Mike on 01837 810025 or emailing him at [email protected].

Apples can be collected by staff from Nethercott.