The world of advertising and promoting your local business might seem more complex than ever - but a new simple-to-use service puts marketing power in your hands.   

iServe by Tindle allows local businesses and organisations to launch high-profile advertising on trusted local news websites - and reach thousands of relevant customers.   

We know that most people spend much of their time and money within 5 miles of their home and almost all of it within 10 miles and iServe lets you place digital advertising on our locally focused news websites, reaching local people. 

iServeis a self-serve advertising system that’s simple to use. Local businesses can either upload existing creative content or create it online using our easy tool to make ads, create an advertising campaign and be online within a short space of time. 

Like with Facebook, Google Ads and LinkedIn, the customer is in control of the campaign, but with iServe advertising appears on the most trusted local news websites.  Ads will appear in the best place possible online.

How does it work?  

There are five key steps to creating your first iServe campaign to promote a local business or service to potential customers:  

  • Create an account – click here to get started 
  • Name your campaign and the dates you want to advertise from and to  
  • Choose the sites you want to advertise on and the amount you want to spend on each site 
  • Make your ad using our ad builder or upload your own 
  • Pay for your campaign

Once approved, your first campaign will be live within a few days.   

Pricing is transparent, the system is secure, and it is integrated into Stripe and Google Ad Manager. Your ads will only appear on the websites that you choose.   

As a business owner, you can access iServe at any time and have complete control.   

iServe works really well with all local businesses – especially local service providers, professional services, hospitality, tourism, retail and property companies, or any organisation that wants more local customers!

And as a launch incentive, we're offering 25% off all campaigns booked on iServe in the launch period! Use code LAUNCH25 at checkout. Click here to get started - and create your first iServe campaign.