Bank holiday ‘carnage’ under fire

Tuesday 26th May 2015 10:00 pm

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DARTMOOR rangers have described the deaths of five lambs and three ewes on a moorland road at the weekend as one of the worst episodes of such incidents farmers have known.

All occurred on the B3212 between Friday night and Sunday morning, mostly between The Warren Inn and Postbridge.

In addition to the eight deaths, two lambs have been orphaned leading to a call for motorists to lower their speed and take greater care.

Serina Rouse, the ranger for Dartmoor Forest and North Bovey, has had to deal with the aftermath.

'The two farmers whose animals were killed in the 36-hour period simply can't believe the numbers, it's one of the worst episodes they've known,' she said.

'It's carnage and we've no idea why so many have died but they've all clearly been struck by vehicles and just left by the roadside.

'Is it excessive speed, a lack of awareness or people just not really caring?

'I'm sure if it was a lot of little kiddies known to be wandering the roads there'd be far fewer incidents.'

Miss Rouse said although it wasn't known who had been behind the wheel during any of the collisions, she felt it was unlikely to be holiday makers.

'Visitors tend to be cautious on the moorland roads but some regular commuters can be tempted to drive faster than they ought,' she said.

'There is of course a 40mph limit but it is exactly that, a limit and not a target.

'What has happened this weekend is ridiculous and quite unacceptable.

'We also don't know if other livestock has been hurt in collisions only to limp off and endure slow, painful deaths.

'Please, drive accordingly for the conditions and if you should strike an animal, because accidents can happen to any of us, then tell someone.

'Either the staff in the Dartmoor visitor centres or the police, just say you're sorry and that it's happened, it's morally wrong not to.'

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