The introduction of new blood at Weir Quay has brought some exciting improvements and renovations to the boatyard.

The quay this week has seen the installation of new gates to the boatyard at the hand of new site manager Matt Black, which come following the introduction of a new balcony and decking in August.

Georgie Ackland, adminstration manager, said: ‘It’s great to have Matt here. We now have stainless steel and aluminium fabrication thanks to him, which is what our new gates are welded from. The stainless steel coating is weatherproof, and non-corrosive.

‘Matt has experience in marine fabrication including pullpits and pushpits, chain plates and fuel tanks as well as domestic fabrication such as gates and balconies. He wanted to make new gates as soon as he started. We’d had the old ones ages - for about 20 years when the yard was first built. They were dragging on the ground and had become worn and rusty. The old gates were made from a different steel and needed to be painted.

‘The foundations here were put in place approximately 40 years ago and the yard then built 20 years ago. We’re always doing small things to develop it now.’

Matt said: ‘I used to run a stainless steel fabrication business, so I’m able to bring that knowledge and apply it here. I’m working on many projects but now the gates are finished, I’m focusing on making stainless steel parts for the hauler which will replace the old ones and last a long time.’

The hauler guides boats in and out of the water.

Georgie said: ‘Matt’s rapidly getting to grips with the hauling process. It usually takes three of us - one to toes a boat in and the other two will hold it in position. We also have Spencer, a marine engineer and Jake who specialises in painting, polishing and finishing in our team.

‘We’re in the process of sorting which boats are coming out now we’re in the colder and darker months and where they need to go. Boats don’t stay out all year because the winter weather can be very rough. It’s more likely that a boat will come off its mooring, which is made from a concrete block, a chain and a buoy.’

Although boating activity may be winding down for this year at the Quay, the renovations are continuing and plans are well underway for the spring. Throughout the summer, the yard ran free music events such as a Water Fest in tandem with Music Supporting Youth, a local charity, who also hosted peformances from local musicians and bands such as The Cabarats, Day Moran and Chris Bailey.

Georgie said: ‘We’d love to run more events like these next year. I’ve also been looking into getting smaller boats for people to go out on like you can in Looe, Dartmouth and Salcombe.’

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