The Jam'd are coming to town

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WITH the charismatic Paul Weller as their frontman, The Jam become one of the most successful bands to emerge from the New Wave era of the late 1970s.

Their success brought about many tribute acts, with The Jam’d among the better known. The group play their biggest hits including A Town Called Malice, Going Underground and Down in the Tube Station at Midnight at the Wharf on August 18.

Ellie Hudson caught up with the band to discuss their successes.

‘How long have you been together and where are you from?’

‘We’ve been together for 11 years now. Most of the band, including the brass section, are from Lincolnshire. The front man is from Portsmouth — we did a lot of searching to find the right man and that’s where he was, in Portsmouth.’

‘Who is in the band and what part do they play?’

‘Dave Fletcher as Paul Weller on lead guitar and vocals. Dave Sylvester as Bruce Foxton on bass guitar and vocals. John Cator as Rick Buckler on drums and vocals. On trumpet and keys is Paul Davies and on trumpet, Bill Routledge.’

‘How accurate would you say you are?’

‘We work very hard on getting a totally authentic sound. We wear the same clothes as they did and play the same instruments too, even down to exact copies of the guitars and the Great White drum kit — the only replica to the original kit — but we don’t wear wigs or anything.’

‘Are you all fans of The Jam?’

‘Most definitely. Even Paul — the youngster in the band — was converted a long time ago!’

‘Have you seen them live?’

‘The only person lucky enough to see them live is Dave Fletcher —quite a few times actually!’

‘There’s thousands of tribute bands out there on the circuit now, what would you say is the criteria for success?’

‘Being passionate about what you do and work hard.’ 

‘Aside from being in The Jam’d are any of you in other musical projects?’

‘The trumpet players are in big demand and so get pulled in different directions. The Jam’d is their first priority of course! Dave Fletcher likes to get in the studio to write and record his own material too — when he gets a chance.’

‘Give us an idea of a concert — is it a hits package or do you cover album tracks as well?’

‘Mostly hits but album tracks too, it largely depends on the type of audience…..there’s a lot of good stuff in The Jam’s back catalogue so we try to cover as much as possible.’

See the advert on this page for ticket information.

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